Q: How much do you think my trade is worth?

A: In order for us to provide you a definitive figure for your trade-in we must see the vehicle. A typical professional appraisal takes 20 minutes and can often be done while you are on a test drive. If are not yet ready to visit our dealership for a full appraisal, we suggest you take advantage of our online appraisal tool by clicking here.

Q: What kind of interest rate will your dealership offer me?

A: Many new Toyota vehicles offer special financing incentives to qualified buyers. In most cases, those who qualify and wish to finance opt for Toyota's special programs. Should the vehicle you decide to purchase not include any such finance programs, we use many competing lenders who are eager to earn your business with a very aggressive interest rate. If you wish to get an idea of what type of rates you might qualify for please click here.

Q: Will the price be lower if I pay cash?

A: No, whether you decide to pay with cash or finance your vehicle price will not change. We do not believe an individual's payment method should influence the selling price.

Q: If I receive a price quote from you will it change once I arrive at your dealership?

A: No, absolutely not. The price quote we provide you is a real price on a real car you can really buy.

Q: Does your quote include rebates and/or other incentives that most people do not qualify for in order to lure me in?

A: No, our dealership prides itself on transparency. We are indeed committed to informing you of any and all programs available to help you save money. However, our price quotes do not include programs such as Toyota's Recent College Grad that few people qualify for. So, you do not need to look for and read any "fine print" with disclaimers surrounding our price quotes.

Q: How does Prestige Toyota arrive at its prices for its pre-owned vehicles?

A: At Prestige Toyota, we price our vehicles at market price for all our pre-owned vehicles to ensure the price is both very aggressive and very fair.

Q: How negotiable are your pre-owned prices?

A: We recognize that you wish for a dealership's prices to be extremely attractive. Our live market pricing strategy helps to ensure our pricing is highly competitive and aggressive. However, if you believe our pricing is inconsistent with your research please bring that information with you upon your visit. We will be more than happy to ensure you are getting an exceptional deal with your hard-earned money.

Q: If I didn't purchase my vehicle at your dealership will I be treated any different than someone who did when I visit for Service?

A: Absolutely not. We sincerely appreciate your decision to conduct business at our dealership and we strongly desire for you to continue visiting us. We understand that to do this again we must treat you with the same exceptional service we treat all our customers. We do not care where you purchased your vehicle, we care that when you visit us you are completely "wowed".

Q: Must I service my car at your dealership if I purchase it from you?

A: No, you are welcome to service your vehicle at any dealership or establishment you please. Toyota does suggest you service at a certain Toyota dealership and we suggest you service here to take advantage of our Rewards Program, but ultimately it is your choice. Click Here to review the benefits of our exclusive Loyalty Rewards Program.