Connected Services

Toyota Connected Services

Toyota is filled with technological advancements to make your driving experience as pleasing as possible. You can now enjoy convenience and peace of mind with the new Toyota Connected Services. Your Toyota is now more compatible than ever before. Some of the connected services that will be available to you consist of the Toyota App, Safety Connect, Remote Connect, Service Connect, wifi Connect, and Destination Assist! Keep reading to see how each of these functions perform and make your life easier. 

How To Download Toyota Connected Services

  1. Download the Toyota Remote Connect App on Your Device 
  2. Register Your Toyota Vehicle Online with Toyota Owners 
  3. You Will Receive a Toyota Remote Connect Verification Code in Your Email 
  4. Select Apps on the Toyota Entune™ 3.0 Display 
  5. Select Communications and the Toyota Remote Services Icon 
  6. Enter Your Toyota Remote Connect Verification Code 
  7. Select Submit to Use Toyota Remote Connect 

Toyota App

The Toyota App allows you to control your vehicle from the power of your smartphone or smartwatch. You can check up on your cars' overall health, obtain service deals, receive recall alerts, and access maintenance information from the app. You can also use the app to find your Toyota in a crowded parking lot, start the vehicle, or check its current status. (on or off) To get started, review the directions below. 

  1. Visit the app store and download the "Toyota" App.
  2. Sign in using your Toyota Owners credentials or create a new account.
  3. Add your vehicle and explore the Toyota App.

Remote Connect

Remote Connect allows you to access your Toyota through your smartphone or smartwatch. Once you download the Toyota App, you can manage your vehicle in more ways than you'd think. Some remote connect features allow you to access vehicle status alerts, vehicle finder, door lock/unlock, and remote start. If your vehicle is one of the plug-in hybrids, the remote connect services will allow you to view charging locations, your Toyota's charge percentage, access your vehicle's climate settings before you enter, and locate hydrogen filling stations for your Toyota. 

Safety Connect

The Toyota Safety connect is here for you when an unexpected problem occurs. Regardless of the situation that arises, Toyota Safety Connect has you covered. For instance, there is an "Automatic Collision Notification" where Toyota's 24/7 response center is automatically notified in the event of an airbag deployment or severe rear-end collision. The 24/7 response center agent will notify local emergency services to request emergency services to the vehicle's location. You'll also have access to the "Emergency Assistance Button." This allows you to contact a 24/7 response center agent who can request dispatch of necessary emergency services to your vehicle's location in case of medical or other emergencies on the road. Another outstanding feature within the Safety Connect is the "Enhanced Roadside Assistance." You can connect with 24/7 Roadside Assistance, which gives you the peace of mind that help is on the way. Finally, one of the most important safety features is the "Stolen Vehicle Locator." Say you find yourself in a situation where your Toyota has been stolen, immediately file a police report and notify our response center so our agents can assist authorities in locating your vehicle using GPS technology. 

Service Connect

With the Toyota Service Connect, you will be able to keep an eye on your Toyota's overall health. For example, the service connect will notify you whenever your vehicle needs to visit a Toyota Service Center and requires maintenance. Vehicle alerts and maintenance alerts are sent to both you and your preferred dealer. With Service Connect, you can receive maintenance reminders via email, the mobile app, or through your Toyota Owners account.

Destination Assist

Destination Assist provides drivers 24-hour access to a live agent who can provide directions through the vehicle's factory-installed navigation system to an address or point of interest.

WiFi Connect

Connected by AT&T, your Toyota can provide the driver and passengers with 4G LTE wifi hot spots. You can easily connect up to five users to the wifi so you can access whatever you need on the internet wherever you go!