It's Not Just an Oil Change

Regular Service at Prestige Toyota of Ramsey is so Much More

You're driving your vehicle and realize it's been about five months since your last oil change. You love your car, and know that quality maintenance and service makes for a safer and better-performing vehicle and enhances its resale value. But you've probably noticed service centers offering fast, and often very inexpensive, drive-thru oil changes.

While these shops will get you in and out fast, and while you might pay less for an oil change, you might be jeopardizing your car's performance, safety, and resale value. 

That's because a regular service visit at a dealership like Prestige Toyota of Ramsey is so much more than an oil change. It includes a thorough inspection of your vehicle, as well as service by factory-trained technicians using factory-approved lubricants and parts.

At Prestige Toyota of Ramsey, we care about our customers. Don't compromise your vehicle with sub-par service that may cost you more down the road. Here is why you should visit our dealership for regular maintenance:

  • Quality Oil Filters Designed for your Make and Model. Your vehicle is a complex machine designed to operate at the peak of efficiency and performance. Therefore, it requires the right performance parts. Toyota makes factory OEM parts that are perfectly tailored to ensure your vehicle performs as intended. Specifically tuned for factory performance, you can drive comfortably knowing your filters have the correct pressure release valve and filtering agent to keep your engine running to expectations.

  • High Standard Synthetic Oil. Prestige Toyota of Ramsey uses only synthetic oil. Your engine will last longer with synthetic oil than conventional oil derived directly from crude oil sources. Your vehicle will continue to run more smoothly and deliver the power you have come to trust. Synthetic oil has added lubricants to keep parts moving fluidly, especially at higher temperatures. This will decrease wear and will increase the life of your engine.

  • Multi-point Inspections and Video documentation. The factory-trained technicians at Prestige Toyota of Ramsey know your car inside and out, and what it takes to keep it running in top form. Ongoing dealership service does not stop at an oil change, so Prestige Toyota of Ramsey makes sure to take care of your whole vehicle. The multi-point inspection that comes standard with your service visit includes checking fluids, drive belts, exhaust systems, and much more. Prestige Toyota of Ramsey also performs a comprehensive computer health check on your vehicle. Your service visit may takeslightly longer, but you can rest assured every component is properly checked and validated.

  • Feel Comfortable, not Crowded. While you wait, pass the time in the same standards of comfort you should expect from Prestige Toyota of Ramsey. Wi-Fi and charging stations help keep your experience feeling anything like a chore. The waiting room is even dog-friendly. You will also have access to premium beverages and snacks while your car is being thoroughly inspected and serviced by factory-trained staff.

  • Competitive Pricing. Dealerships want your business and are well versed in understanding your Toyota. We are passionate about our brand, and even if you don't have a Toyota vehicle, we maintain records of your auto's service lifespan. There is almost always a coupon on our website to off-set additional costs, and in the long-run the proactive inspections and the quality service could save you costly repairs in the future.

  • Experienced and Compassionate Service Team. Prestige Toyota of Ramsey has years of experience serving the greater Bergen County area. With Toyota Master Technicians and Certified Automotive Service Excellence Technicians, you know your Toyota is in the right hands. Keep your Toyota running as if you were taking it off the showroom floor for the first time.