Meet Our Staff | Prestige Toyota in Ramsey, NJ

At Prestige Toyota, we speak: Spanish, Polish, Armenian, Urdu, Hindi, Russian, Italian, Korean, and Portuguese.

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Carlos Girard
General Manager

Anson Castillo
General Sales Manager

Languages spoken: Spanish

We're proud to introduce General Sales Manager, Anson Castillo. Anson joined the Prestige Family with 20 years of automotive experience. One of his favorite things about working at Prestige is the welcoming attitude of the staff and the "TEAM" atmosphere. He loves dealing with people on all different levels and likes never knowing what each day will bring. Outside of work, Anson enjoys going out to eat with his family. He and his wife have been together for 24 years and have three children, ages 20, 16, and 10. Thanks for all of your hard work, Anson.

Eric St Hilaire
Sales Manager

Tae Kwon
Sales Desk Manager

Edmund Ruela
Pre-Owned Sales Manager

Ricardo Mota
Parts and Service Director

Blake Butler
Inventory Manager

David Sukhai
Business Manager

Christopher Wilson
Finance Manager

Mario Calle
Finance Manager

Nancy Pipolo
Finance Manager

Moshe Brody
Finance Manager



Andy Eagle
Master Certified Sales Consultant

Say hello to Sales Consultant Andy Eagle! Andy has been working for the Prestige Family for 20 years and says his family has been in the automotive industry for 3 generations! Andy enjoys his job because he likes cars and technology, and also likes to meet new people. Andy hails from Rockland County, and has a degree from Hofstra University. His favorite movie is Forrest Gump, and he can speak both English and Spanish. When Andy isn't working at Prestige Toyota, he can be found riding his motorcycle, traveling, or spending time with his family.

Arsen Musalaev
Master Certified Sales Consultant

Languages spoken: Russian

We would like to introduce Arsen Musalev! Born in Russia, Arsen  works in our sales department and has been a valued asset to Prestige for almost 2 years! Arsen's favorite Toyota vehicle is the 4Runner, because he loves the way it drives. His favorite movie is Sherlock Holmes and some fun facts about him are that he has an identical twin brother, speaks 3 languages, and enjoys playing chess and poker. Arsen graduated from William Paterson University with a degree in criminal justice and a minor in psychology. When he isn't at work, Arsen can be found camping, hiking, and skeet shooting.

Chris D'Onofrio
Sales Consultant

We would like to introduce Sales Consultant, Chris D'Onofrio! Chris has been in the automotive industry for over 20 years, is Master Certified, and has been a part of the Prestige Family for over 7 years! Chris says his favorite part about working in this industry is that he gets to use his communication skills to meet new people. His favorite Toyota vehicle is the 4Runner, because of it's durability, and his favorite movie is Shawshank Redemption. Chris went to SUNY Rockland and studied both business and marketing. In his spare time, Chris enjoys attending concerts, watching UFC, and spending quality time with his friends and family.

Cliff Montes
Sales Consultant

Languages spoken: Spanish

We would like to introduce Cliff Montes! A New York native, Cliff works in our sales department and has been a valued asset to Prestige for over 8 years! He has spent the past 20 years working for multiple car dealerships, and says he loves his job because he not only gets to meet a lot of people, but also gets to help a lot of people. Cliff says he enjoys Toyota because they are very reliable and fun to sell. Some fun facts about Cliff are that his favorite movie is The Godfather, he can speak some Spanish, and his birthday is April 6! Thanks for all that you do, Cliff!

Jeff Jafry
Sales Consultant

Languages spoken: Punjabi, Urdu, Hindi

Say hello to Sales Consultant, Jeff Jafry! Jeff has been in the automotive industry for almost 30 years and has spent 12 of those years with us at Prestige. Jeff's favorite Toyota vehicle is the Camry because it is very dependable, and he says his favorite part about working at Prestige Toyota is that he gets to work with a great team. Jeff was born in Pakistan and can speak English, Urdu, Punjabi, and Hindi. He is a strong believer In honesty, and also spends his free time watching the movie Top Gun or playing cricket

Clarence Digambar
Sales Consultant

Introducing Clarence Digambar, a Prestige Toyota Sales Consultant! Clarence has been a part of the Prestige Family since 2016 and says he enjoys working in the automotive industry because he gets to help people purchase vehicles that they love. Clarence's favorite Toyota vehicle is the 4Runner, because it is rugged like a truck, but very appealing to look at. His favorite part about working for Prestige is that the staff is very helpful and make him feel like he works with a  family. Clarence is originally from Guyana, and currently resides in Essex County. His favorite movie is Rocky and he has a degree in marketing. Besides selling cars, Clarence enjoys traveling, music, and sports.

Michael Guaman
Sales Representative

Aaron Geib
Sales Consultant

Carlos DaSilva
Sales Consultant

John Vaughan
Sales Consultant

Carlos Vizcaino Martinez
Sales Consultant

Stephen Ryan
Sales Consultant

Brian Wood
Sales Consultant

Michael Chaitow
Sales Consultant

Sue Logan
Client Care Manager

Marie Meyers

Susan Cuomo

Susan Pastorino

Patricia DeFalcon

Kession Cawley
Administrative Assistant


Business Development Center

Rosalia Mann
Business Development Manager

Krystina Gronka
Business Development Representative

We would like to introduce Krystina Gronka! Krystina has been with us for over a year and we are thrilled to have her as part of our team. She says her favorite part about working in the automotive industry is all the different people she gets to work with. Krystina has a degree in mathematics and statistics, and is currently working towards a Masters in finance and management. Her favorite movie is Saving Private Ryan, and a fun fact about her is that she used to be a manager for the New Jersey Jackals. Krystina is a valued member of our team and we are very happy to have her.

Samantha Rios
Business Development Representative

Rosemary Paulino
Business Development Representative

Samuel Louis
Business Development Representative

Yanilda Lora
Business Development Representative



Brad Aiello
Service Advisor

Say hello to Assistant Service Manager, Brad Aiello! Brad has been with the Prestige Family of Fine Cars for 12 years and entered the industry because he liked working on his own personal cars. According to Brad, one of his favorite things about working at Prestige Toyota is making many friends along the way. His favorite Toyota model is the Tacoma because he thinks it is one of the best looking vehicles that Toyota makes. Outside of work, Brad enjoys spending time with his family. 

Caroline Siderias
Service Advisor

Say hello to Service Advisor Caroline Sidieras! Caroline has been working with Prestige since 2013, and we are thrilled to have her on our team. One thing that makes Caroline a great asset to our company is that she loves working with people and the constant changing of technology in automobiles. Although she lives in New Jersey now, Caroline was born in Lebanon and can speak Armenian and Arabic. When she's not at Prestige Toyota, Caroline can be found gardening, taking on DIY projects, and most importantly, spending time with her family.

Chris Budde
Service Advisor

Peter Iuculano
Service Advisor

Luke Incognito
Service Advisor

Let's extend a warm welcome to Service Advisor, Luke Incognito. Luke got into the automotive industry after graduating from St. Peter's College. He is no stranger to the automotive industry, as his father-in-law was a General Manager at a Toyota dealership and he decided to work there in the summer and ended up never leaving. One of Luke's favorite things about working at Prestige is that he feels as though he is encouraged to be himself. Luke's favorite movies are "Braveheart" and "Dances With Wolves". Outside of work, Brad enjoys coaching football and baseball with his son and spending time with his two daughters.

Juan Rivas
Service Advisor

Languages spoken: Spanish

Gabi Samman
Service Advisor

Maria Palacios

Briana Robles

Erica Sherwood

Tiana Perini

Tom Jacob
Service Advisor



Ronnie Uce
Loaner Agent



Justin DeZago
Parts Professional

Meet Parts Specialist and Rockland County native, Justin DeZago. Justin studied at Lincoln Tech, majoring in Automotive, and has been in the automotive industry for 9 years. Prior to working at Prestige, he's worked as a Parts representative, technician, and also a cook. If you were to ask Justin what his favorite Toyota model is, he'd say it's the 2018 Camry because of its sporty look. Outside of work, Justin enjoys sports.

Matthew Hannon
Parts Counteperson

Let's give a warm welcome to Parts Professional, Matthew Hannon. Matthew's been in the automotive industry for 7 years and started by taking auto mechanic classes in high school and ended up enjoying it. One of his favorite aspects of the automotive industry is learning about the new technology. If you asked what his favorite Toyota car is, Matthew would say it's the 1994 Toyota Supra twin turbo. Outside of work, you can find Matt bowling, weightlifting, or spending time with his family.

Daniel Mehnert
Parts Counterperson

Introducing Parts Specialist, Dan Mehnert. Dan has been a member of the Prestige Toyota family since 2015 and has been in the automotive industry for 15 years. He studied Automotive Technology at Lincoln Tech and is ASE P1 certified. According to Dan, his favorite movie is "Goodfellas". We're proud to have you as a part of the Prestige Toyota family.

Steven Olmo
Parts Counterperson