Tire and Wheel Protection from Prestige Toyota of Ramsey

As if life doesn't throw enough hazards your way, the road can add a few more to the list. Potholes and other hazards can cause serious damage to tires and wheels when hit at speed. With Tire & Wheel Protection from Prestige Toyota of Ramsey, you can travel the roads knowing that your tires and wheels will be covered in the event of damage from eligible road hazards. Tire & Wheel Protection is available for new, certified used and used Toyotas at time of lease or purchase.

What’s Covered?

Tire & Wheel Protection has no limits to the amount of structural damage claims during the time of your agreement. Coverage includes costs related to the repair or replacement of your vehicle's tires or wheels due to defect of materials or workmanship, damage due to eligible road hazards, and costs associated with mounting, balancing, valve stem(s), disposal/environmental fees and taxes. You'll also enjoy continued coverage on replacement tires as long they meet manufacturer's size specifications.

You may also be eligible to receive $100 per claim for the towing costs to Prestige Toyota of Ramsey or the costs to change the damaged tire with your spare tire.

With Tire & Wheel Protection Gold, we'll help keep your tires, wheels and your budget intact with protection that's available for up to 6 years. Prestige Toyota of Ramsey will repair or replace your tire if it's damaged by eligible road hazards such nails, broken glass, tree limbs or a pothole. If your wheel fails to hold a seal with your new tire, we'll replace it.
And with no limit to the number of covered claims, coverage for replaced tires continues during the term of the agreement as long as they meet your vehicle manufacturer's size specifications.

Restrictions apply. Please contact Prestige Toyota of Ramsey for details.

Helping You Save

Tire & Wheel Protection could save you hundreds if you encounter regular road hazards. For example:

Without Protection With Protection
Replacement of a tire due to road hazard $220 $0
Replacement of a wheel if it wont hold a seal with your new tire $430 $0
Towing to the dealer (up to $100 of towing expenses reimbursed) $70 $0
Coverage of associated costs (labor, wheel weights, valve stems, disposal fees and taxes) $35 $0
Total of Out-of-Pocket Expense This is an example of coverage. See agreement for complete terms and conditions. Replacement costs based on manufacturer's suggested retail prices for a 2020 Toyota Camry. $755 $0

Ask a Prestige Toyota of Ramsey team member for more details.

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